The company was founded 5 years ago by Minah Hemad, while she was still a student in International Business High School of Lyon. Her desire to undertake and her passion for fashion allowed her to realize a dream: to be her own boss in a field she particularly loves.


Perfectionist and on the lookout for trends, this young woman was able to propose a company offering evening dresses for rent and sale.

Her instinct allowed her to import a new culture valued by the Americans: that of the evening dress.


Indeed, we know that Overseas, women do not hesitate to dress their best dress to celebrate their birthday or the end of their school year or even celebrate their wedding.

Today, this "SHOW OFF" trend is increasingly taking shape in France, thanks in part to social networks (Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Flickr).


By placing the Millesim Collection brand in the hands of women with different styles, Minah Hemad has evolved her company and created her own trend line.


Her ambition and her thirst for entrepreneurship enabled her to gain the confidence of several New York Brands who trust the brand for their distribution in France, as Jovani Fashions, Sherri Hill, Terani Couture or Tarik Ediz. 


It is by going to meet its prestigious service providers that the brand has become a sure value of the Rhône Alpes region.

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